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  • Featuring Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival, Tokara holds the first studio sale of 2021! Cherry themed sweets set $15/3 pc (Cherry mochi, Petals of cherry manju, Ms. Ranier Yokan).
  • The additional individual sale items:
    April 10th Saturday -“Cherry Robe “mochi, “Floating Cherry” rice sponge cake. April 11th Sunday -“Wakagi “bean candy, “Cherry Storm”(yam potato paste). The optional items are 10 percent off for the customers who order the main box set.

    How to order : Please leave your name, contact number, your ordering items and the date you pick up. Phone 206-784-0226 cell, text/ 206-782-1853 office email ctokara@tokaragashi.com. *Please be aware of the increasing crimes toward Asian communities and cautious to come in.

    Curbside pick-up available upon request. Thank you for your participating in Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival by heart!!

  • Fresh Flours Cafe on Phinney Ridge (6015 Phinney Ave. N)
    Fresh Flours Cafe on West Seattle (9410 Delridge Way SW)
    Phone reservation is required.(206-784-0226)
  • Grubhub (Wednesdays for take out and delivery.)
    UberEats (Wednesdays and Fridays for delivery only)